Bolt Heater


SiCBolt corresponds to a range of Induction Heat Treatment Units specially designed for Bolt applications covering power levels up to 50 kW, frequencies in the range 10 to 40 kHz, 200% overcurrent capability for load matching and 200% intermittent power. SiCBolt PLC SW is designed to optimize the heating of bolts by using a friendly-user interface adapted to this application.

Ultimate Technology

SiCBolt generators are based on the ultimate power electronics technologies as Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOS Transistors, advanced DC link using anti-ferroelectric capacitors, ultrafast high isolation circuitry and advanced transistor driving circuits and fully digital controller all integrated in a PCB, allowing an overall efficiency higher than 90% @40 kHz (inductor losses not included) and consequently very small and compact chillers.

Multi-power Port Technology

SiCBolt generators can handle two different power outputs totally independent each other with working possibilities at different power and frequencies at the same time.

Wide range of Load Matching

Load matching in SiCBolt generators is very simple task as the inverter has 200% overcurrent capacity making that every workpiece can be heated with the same inductor and due to their special design, these generators can provide 200% intermittent power with a duty cycle of 50%.

Simple Use

SiCBolt generators are very simple to operate as the control features simplifies the operation of the inverter and the HMI guides the user with very simple instructions to operate the machine.



Proof- technology for high level of availability and high protection standards

  • The SiCBolt is manufactured and tested according to the current relevant applicable standards
  • CE Mark
  • Use of proven Silicon Carbide MOSFET semiconductor technology for extreme high efficiencies
  • High robustness by the use of SiCMOSFET technology
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • Inductor short circuit ruggedness
  • Reliable disconnection by Emergency Stop with redundant safety
  • Input overvoltage spikes clamping circuit to prevent transistor damages in the case of an unstable power mains

Compact and modular technology for user customer-friendly applications

  • Compact Power Unit for induction Bolt Heating Applications
  • Mobile Unit
  • Very compact size
  • Very low Weight
  • Wide Range of applications with the same generator
  • Internal Capacitor Bank
  • Internal Isolation transformer for higher reliability
  • Extremely high efficiency
  • Very high robustness due to the use of SiC MOS Transistors

Key Figures

  • 12,5-50 KW
  • 10-40 KHZ
  • Up to 2 independent power ports. These ports can operate simultaneous.
  • Heating station through a coaxial transformer or Coaxial Gun Transformer
  • Connection to the heating station up to 10 m.
  • PLC SW optimised for Bolt Heating.
  • 200% overcurrent capability for load matching
  • 200% intermittent power for critical applications


  • Bolt Heating

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