MF/HF Induction Power Supply 12,5-800 kW

SiCMag L
SiCMag M
SiCMag S


SiCMag family of power supplies corresponds to a range of generators for induction heating applications covering power levels from 12,5 to 800 kW and frequencies up to 400 kHz in two ranges 5 to 50 kHz and 20 to 400 kHz.

Ultimate Technology

SiCMag generators are based on the ultimate power electronics technologies as Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOS Transistors, advanced DC link using anti-ferroelectric capacitors, ultrafast high isolation circuitry and advanced transistor driving circuits and fully digital controller all integrated in a PCB, allowing an overall efficiency close to 99% at 400 kHz.

Multi-power Port Technology

Due to the wide frequency range of SiCMag generators, many induction heating applications can be covered with the same generator. Also, the power output of SiCMag generators can be configured as single-power port or independent multi-power port output, allowing different applications with different power levels, different frequencies and also simultaneous frequency applications

Different Cabinet Options

SiCMag generator family is housed in three different types of cabinets. The SiCMag L is housed in a standard cabinet and ranges powers from 100 to 800 kW while the SiCMag S is thought for portable applications and the SiCMag M is thought for its installation in a wall, for applications with limited space, and powers up to 50 kW.

Simple Power Upgrading

Power upgrading in SiCMag generators is a very simple operation, if the safety and input mains sections is prepared for, by just adding more power modules in the SiCMag cabinet.


Proof- technology for high level of availability and high protection standards

  • The SiCMag Family is manufactured and tested according to the current relevant applicable standards
  • CE Mark
  • Use of proven Silicon Carbide MOSFET semiconductor technology for extreme high efficiencies even at frequencies as high as 400 kHz
  • High robustness by the use of SiC MosFET technology
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • Inductor short circuit ruggedness
  • Reliable disconnection by Emergency Stop with redundant safety
  • Input overvoltage spikes clamping circuit to prevent transistor damages in the case of an unstable power mains

Compact and modular technology for user customer-friendly applications

  • Wide Range of applications with the same generator
  • Very easy use of the generator due to the use of advanced cyber-physical algorithms that auto-adjust the generator depending on the required heating process
  • A highly interactive and comprehensible HMI based on Siemens PLC 1200 guides the user in any interaction with the generator as the starting up, the resonant frequency selection by autotuning, the matching of the load etc. and provides information on the status and working conditions of the generator at any time
  • Different Cabinet options (L Cabinet, M Cabinet, S Cabinet)

Key Figures

  • 12,5-400 KW in the 20-400 kHz range
  • 12,5-800 kW in the 5-50 kHz range
  • Multi-power Port capability
  • External customised heating station
  • Connection to the heating station up to 10 m.
  • Programmable heating segments
  • Fully digital controller


  • Induction Heat Treatment Applications
  • Induction Hardening
  • Induction Tempering
  • Induction Pre& Post Heating
  • Induction Cable & Wire Heating
  • And more…

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