Our Company

 IPS Induction, a company located in Valencia (Spain) aims to provide to the market a breakthrough and totally innovative induction power supply technology by using the latest semiconductor technologies enabling induction heating power supplies with extremely high efficiencies, even at very high frequencies, very low size and weight, high robustness, and advanced features at very competitive prices.

IPS Induction manufacturers induction power supplies, based on SiCtech’s module technology, including the heating station according to customer thermal process specs.

IPS Induction, a passionate team of engineers and technicians that put all its energy to support customers with their applications by conducting all kinds of tests to ensure end-user conditions and providing immediate response to technical assistance needs by maintaining an adequate stock of spare parts.

Technology at your service

IPS Induction team is committed to make complex electronics accessible. It is important that you concentrate on your job without being confused by the power electronics. IPS Induction concept is:

Induction Power at your Service.

In accordance, IPS Induction has simplified the starting-up of their power supplies in a user-friendly interface, without any need to be an expert in electronics.

All IPS Induction products include intelligent adaptation configuration assistance. No need to do calculations before heating, the power supply guides you step by step!

With the same objective, IPS Induction engineers work on specifications resulting from discussions with our customers. We don’t want to develop unnecessary tools, but products and options that will help you progress and achieve your goals.

Our teams are curious and always willing to develop new products, so do not hesitate to ask us, we will make it a point of honour to share our passion and to meet your needs.

Need further infomation

Our team is looking forward to hear about you. We are willing to know your needs in order to help you in every aspect related to induction.

Do not hesitate to contact us.